James Wright Foley beheaded by ISIS

This may not be the norm, but this NEEDS to be talked about.

Link to NBC article on James Wright Foley. To watch the ISIS video, go to LiveLeak.

James Wright Foley was an American photojournalist. He was recently captured by ISIS and forced to make a video. In this video, Foley (is forced to) discuss Obama’s airstrikes as well as condemn them; he says that the decision to approve these attacks is what is truly causing his death, not ISIS.

In the gruesome video (which is not shown on the NBC article, but can be viewed on LiveLeak), Foley can be seen on his knees in orange, next to an ISIS member. After they both speak, Foley is beheaded. The next shot is of Foley’s dead body in handcuffs, with his head resting on his back. Though the actual cutting is not in the video, it is still very graphic.

The video ends with a view of another American and the ISIS member telling Obama that he needs to decide his next steps wisely because that man’s life depends on it.

A very chilling video and statement, indeed.

What does this mean for America? Will we stop the airstrikes? Is what’s good for this man good for the many? Will it even matter or save him if we do stop? There are plenty of questions to ask here and they are not easy to answer by any means. Lives depend upon these questions and their answers. How will America proceed?


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