12-year-olds blame horror meme Slenderman for inspiring them to stab classmate

12-year-olds blame horror meme Slenderman for inspiring them to stab classmate

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Two twelve-year-old girls claim that Slenderman inspired them to stab a classmate “19 times in order to prove themselves worthy of visiting his ‘mansion’ in a Wisconsin forest.” According to The Verge, the two allegedly planned to murder their victim — another 12-year-old girl — for months, but she ultimately escaped and, as of Monday night, was “fighting for her life” in a hospital. The two perpetrators are being charged as adults.

I’m sorry, but there’s something I have to address before anything else can be discussed. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF ANOTHER PERSON! I grew up having that lesson constantly taught to me again and again. It still rings true today.

It’s called victim-blaming, and it’s not okay. Rape victims are often told, “Well, look at what you were wearing. You were asking for it.”

Nah uh. Not okay. The problem is not the lady’s attire, but what the rapist did to her. The issue is that he committed an illegal act against another human being, not that the human being he attacked was wearing a mini skirt.

The same thing applies here.

Creepypasta is in no way responsible for this stabbing. ZERO. These kids made their own choices. Slenderman is a fake story. Completely made up.

The fact that they believed it – despite the numerous amount of information out there which explains that Slenderman is fake – is not Creepypasta’s fault. In fact, I think it is the fault of the parents. Where were they when this horrible stabbing happened?!

The Verge goes on to explain in the following selection:

“In response to concerned parents, the Creepypasta Wiki has published a statement emphasizing that everything in it is clearly made up. ‘Something like this was bound to happen, considering the size of the Creepypasta community. All it takes is one person to do something insane and radical in the name of someone or something,’ it says. ‘There is a line of between fiction and reality, and it is up to you to realize where the line is. We are a literature site, not a crazy satanic cult.'”


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