I can’t hide between the blurred lines any longer…

I swear to myself that I won’t be such a fool for you anymore. I talk it up & let myself down but we talk up a storm and turn the world upside-down.

I’ve never lived with a fear like this. But no, I don’t want to do it anymore. I’m screaming, “LET ME OUT!!!” but your resounding “NO” echoes in my mind.

Off with her head!

Just as my wound was healing, I opened up the door again for my killer; I let you in. How could I fall for it? How could I fall for you again? You accuse ME of treason, you hypocrite. See, the difference between us is you didn’t see me in her eyes. You didn’t see the reflections in her eyes. You didn’t have to lie to yourself or decide it was all just a ruse meant to make you feel okay. I knew he wasn’t right – I’m not stupid – but I played along because I thought it was good for me. You NEVER looked into her eyes and saw my face. You didn’t have to.

How can you sit there, proud of what you’ve done, when I’m too weak to speak up? How can you say you love me when you make me watch you slip away with her? I feel like an idiot making goo-goo eyes at you. Just so you know… I know better. But I’m too scared to let go because I’m hoping for a miracle.


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