A safe harbor.

Welcome, step right in! Let me introduce you to my sin! No need to wipe your soles; there’s already dirty footprints In this place. Feel free to look around. Yes, there’s a reason why I don’t have any mirrors. You can’t complain If you don’t know the answers. Being blind is so freeing.  Once I stopped looking into your eyes, I forgot my reflection. I simply followed through by breaking all these mirrors & choosing to live without their second-rate perceptions. If you ask me, (which you won’t) I’m not sure if it was worth it to record over that tape with hatred and white noise. It’s snowing here & I can’t forget how it felt to be warm. I’m shackled to the armchair, remote glued to my hand – but the buttons don’t work. They won’t give me release. It has to be real.

So whether it’s 7 years or just superstition, I’m breaking (mirrors). And you can’t stop me.


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