Just a good old paper & pen

Never thought I’d be back here again

Back to the start


And yeah it chilled me to the bone

To know that you weren’t coming home


And though I hate to admit it

(I think that I’m just addicted).

You can’t expect me to quit it

(you’re just another addiction)


So tie me up & force it in

I won’t fight

This needle has become my friend and I

Know that the memories, they won’t last


I’m staring at them through the hardened glass

Bulletproof as they may be

They never cease to get to me…..

So tie me up & force it in…..

You’re just another addiction


I didn’t quite know how to act

I dreamt of words my mouth had lacked


As for the things I did & said

(I think that I’m just addicted)

I wish I’d shut my mouth instead

(You’re just another addiction)


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