Pitter patter

Pitter patter

On the rough, old roof above our heads

They’re coming for you

Pitter patter

Pitter patter

They’re coming for you

Can’t you hear the rain running down the shingles

Sending tingles down your spine

Ohh, yes, I hear them. And they want you. They want you so bad. Don’t be afraid, honey.

I’ll be alright. It’s you they want. Not me.

These walls won’t shield us for long.

Pretty soon it’s gonna be time to give up.

Why do you keep running from the inevitable?

YOU were the one who realized the truth. The only thing that can last forever…  is loneliness.

And you know why? Because you made it that way, that’s why.

Live in your shame or else you’ll never recover.

You’ll never reach the surface to breathe.

Forget all your airways and breathe through your heart.

Beating beating beating. Wait. Listen.

This isn’t me. This isn’t the person I want to be.

You have to leave.


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