Staring at the sun

Check this out! One of my friends wrote a really compelling piece about college football, and I’m not normally into sports, so that’s saying something!

Janus Rising

((I wrote this piece for The Progressive Press. ))

Manti Te’o, linebacker, University of Notre Dame.

47 consecutive games started.

212 solo tackles.

Most decorated defensive player in college football history.

Heisman trophy runner-up.

When the news broke that he wasn’t getting the Heisman, it surprised a lot of people, and many of them had the same complaints:

  • “Manti Te’o only got snubbed because he’s a defensive player and it’s been fifteen years since a defensive player won the Heisman.”
  • “Manti Te’o is from the independent Notre Dame. Heisman winner Johnny Manziel is from the SEC so therefore everyone thinks he is automatically awesome.”
  • “Johnny Manziel had been previously arrested for fighting at a College Station bar.”

Unless you’re Reggie Bush, you don’t give back your Heisman trophy, and people eventually move on. Roughly a month after the awards, the acclaimed Notre Dame defense under Te’o was humiliated by the…

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