You’ve got a pair that could go on for miles, but you mistake your legs for lips. Girl, you know just how to drive me wild, but you’re messing with my head and driving me insane instead.

Who do you think you are?

You think that you’re a star.

Your curves have gone straight to your head

You’re happiest when you are leading me to bed

It doesn’t matter what you say

It doesn’t matter how you say it

From every angle in this room, you look like you know how to play it

You give and take so well I’d swear you were a professional

But I’ve got a lesson for you and it’s called the confessional

So get down on your knees like you know so well (like you’ve done so many times before)

I wanna hear you loud and clear when you tell me you’re a whore.

You lie and say that you’re in love

When all you are is intoxicated from their stares (and their attention)

How far’d you think that you could get

Without me finding out and ending it (catching you in the act of betrayal)

Run away, go cry to another man

Let him hold you in his arms, so strong

Then when the crying’s over

Be prepared for a brand new storm.


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