Is it a sin to hate? Is it a crime to fight for my dignity?

You wouldn’t even let me leave with that, with what I had before I had you, if you let me leave.

Ha! That’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one. I know I’ve seen one. I’ve been learning from the best, puddin’.


So fuck you and your twisted idea of love…

‘Cause if that’s what you want, you’re better off dead than with someone.

You’d crawl out of your grave, sobbing like a siren til your next meal walked by – 

’til you could get your next bite… so you could bring em down with ya.


You satisfy while on the way down (so good), but you tear me to pieces inside.

And you ate me from the inside out

And there’s only one escape now (die, die, die).


I’m doubled over.

You – buried six feet under!

How’s it feel to be back home?

To be put back in your place



You don’t like where things are going

Unless they end up going your way.

Lead me by the knife (that blood on your hands)

And show me how it’s done.

Baby, show me how to smile.

Give me what you think I deserve the moment I start to run.


I knew you’d have the nerve.

Let’s make this fun for everyone.


It’s all fun and games, you say. Don’t you know?

I’m your harlequin Juliet,

You my cookie cutter Romeo.

Well, give me another heart attack like that and we’ll see

Just how long it takes for this to fall flat (for you to lose your own game).


You’ll lose your mind without me.

You’ll be left bleeding and not the way you like.

You’ll fake that smile for the first time in your life.


What’s the punchline, darling?

I have a feeling it was me the whole time.


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