People make me sick, including me
I’m a human being
But that don’t mean anything

Try to tell myself that it’s okay
Reality is forcing in its way
I don’t even know
if I’ll make it to tomorrow
All I got is today

So baby, go ahead, put your eyes on the shelf
Cause you won’t need em when you lie to yourself
Just go to bed and rock yourself to sleep
But don’t expect to wake up next to me

You and I both know this has lasted too long
There’s only so much hurt I can take before I’m gone
So baby please don’t look at me like that
Cause this time I refuse to let you… win

Every day was just a false memory
Looking back at what I thought we could be
I closed my eyes to imagine the truth
When all i had to do was open them to see you

But I daydreamed my way into hell
Guess I can’t even trust myself

So here we are.

Back at the beginning. Back at the ending.

Here we are.

I can’t say much except that I don’t regret a single step.

But now it’s time to go. I gotta go.


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