Loss led me to desperation

A longing for any connection I could find


Loss gave these objects meaning

What was once a cute accessory is now a sacred piece of the past


It is as if her soul was cut into slices

Served as a memory for those who knew her


Her possessions became pieces of her for us to hold onto.


Her home like a dusty museum

A movie screen of flashbacks and black and white smiles

Crackling behind the old fashioned film reel


We can’t touch them now.


But now,

I can look down at my necklace,

Hold it between my warm fingers,

Stroke its smooth golden contours,

Watch the jewels sparkle in the weak fluorescent lighting,

Close my hot palms around the charm,

Shut my eyes tightly,


And remember.


Remember a Christmas when no one suspected the future to slap us in the face

Remember heartwarming smiles and hidden knowledge that no one wanted to admit

Remember selfish walks up the stairs, gifts in hand, as we departed from our family to be alone with our things

Remember wrinkles that grew deeper each year

And regrets that seemed to grow with them.


This necklace holds a lot more than a 14 karat gold heart.

It holds memories.


One thought on “The Necklace (by Samantha Davis)

  1. You are a talented poet. Back when I published a poetry journal I would have used a poem like this and the others you have here. This one is concise, tactile, emotional without being … emotional. It is a well-painted picture.

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