It always comes down to sex

Doesn’t it, baby?

It always comes down to skin

And sweat and love and pressure.

Why is escaping so hard

And giving in so easy?


I don’t mean to look sleazy

But I think it’s sexy

When you hesitate, hardly

Knowing what to do when I call you baby.

We’re both under pressure;

Who ever knew power lied in skin?


We obey our covetous skin

Submission used to be so easy

I can feel the pressure

But replace it with a mashing of double helix.

Don’t you want me, baby?

The lyrics ram into me, hard-headed.


I never knew I could play this card.

Don’t call me a sinner

Don’t call me baby

Don’t call me easy

Why is it wrong to want sex?

I’m about to explode from all the pressure…


I can feel you against me, pressing

Into me for the first time, the last time, it’s hard to tell

I feel your sex

I envelop your skin

Forgetting you with ease

And replacing your name with “baby.”


Don’t bury your regrets, let’s bathe in them

Just another scandalous press release

It’s not as easy as it looks

Pretending to play hard-to-get

When you know you want more than his skin

But you always find a way out during sex.


This section of the woods is off limits to maybe’s.

I’m just asking you to ignore the pressure you’re wanting

Even though it’s hard to want anything but easy.


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