“What is normal?”


They laughed at me…


All I did was open my mouth to share

my world with them – the one inside my head.


They laughed at me…


They think I’m on an acid trip

every time I try explaining

what the trees look like – how some are 100 feet tall and covered in Christmas ornaments

and how some are smaller than a garden gnome, barely tall enough to touch my calves.


They think it’s silly and frivolous to ask why

cats don’t have hair like people do, but

all I really want to know is why we have

to get up two hours before class to fix ours perfectly & they just have to lick themselves to look pretty.


They think I’m crazy…


They ask me loaded questions, purposely attempting to drown me in normality.


But I just close my eyes & board

My boat; the sea won’t dishearten me.


The fish won’t laugh when they hear me

speak – whether that’s because they don’t

understand the voices or the concept of laughter, I don’t know.


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