Another all-night extravaganza

Needing to study, not wanting to care

Longing to simply walk out

And end this fruitless rampaging

Quest for all the “right” answers.


Turning back pages

Turns me on

But I can’t expect that from you.


I have to move on –

Eschatology doesn’t sound so appealing –

But I mustn’t skip a step or

I’ll risk having to start all over again.


With images of how your spine felt in

My tired hands, I clench my fists,

denying you,

but letting ichthyosis claim me

& harden me against your

Leather binding.


4 thoughts on “Night in a Library (By Samantha Davis)

    1. Haha! This poem was a result of a classroom assignment in my poetry class. We had to write down several new or big words on pieces of paper and then exchange them with our classmates. Then we had to use the words we got in a poem. Try and guess which words I got.

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